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ARV Police Base [Generic]

ARV Police Base [Generic]

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ARV Firearms Base MLO

Enhance your police roleplay with our meticulously crafted ARV Firearms Base MLO. This meticulously designed base offers a sophisticated array of features, including high-quality textures that bring authenticity to life. Custom doors and decals add a unique touch, while the bespoke armory design provides a professional and secure setting for your operations.

Crafted with high-quality props and attention to detail, this base ensures a realistic and immersive environment for your FiveM servers and single-player experiences. Elevate your police roleplay and create a sophisticated base that stands out in every aspect.


  • High-quality textures for an immersive experience
  • Custom doors and decals for a unique touch
  • Bespoke armory design ensuring security and professionalism
  • High-quality props for added realism

Compatible with both FiveM and Singleplayer.

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