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Motorola MXP600 Radio Sounds

Motorola MXP600 Radio Sounds

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Comprehensive sound pack of high quality recorded sounds from an in service Motorola MXP600 Tetra handset. These radios are used worldwide but are becoming increasingly common within the UK in replacing older models such as the MTP850 and the likes. 

Popular and modernising forces such as the City of London Police, Sussex/Surrey and a number of other forces have made use of this MXP600, 

The sounds included are similar to those of the MTP850/MTH800, but due to the clearer, louder, bassier speaking of the MXP600, this pack delivers rich and crisp sounds, perfect for dubbing over your videos of including in your server. 

Sounds included are likely to be some you have never heard before! 

Triple Beep Push-to-talk

Clear Speak Tone

Key Presses

Message Received

Transmit Inhibit / Transmit Blocked tone

Power Up

Status Update

Volumes 9-14

All 6 styles of 'Point 2 Point' ringtone

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